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Length: 35 pages31 minutes


Adolescents and will enjoy this short, mildly cerebral science fiction thriller about Tim, a teenage boy obsessed with interstellar space travel. Tim receives a new high-end telescope for his birthday, and after many long nights of searching the skies through the window in his room, he discovers more than he ever bargained for. When during one of his nightly vigils, he finds himself face to face with the spearhead of an invading race of aliens from another galaxy. The aliens are convinced that the relocation of the human race is in the best interest of not only the inhabitants of the earth, but also their own race of insect-like denizen's from a distant galaxy that they call home. Soon after hearing of their plan of conquest, Tim finds himself not only fearing for his own life, but for the lives of everyone on planet earth. Only his quick thinking and his resourcefulness, brings his encounter with the hostile intergalactic visitors to an unexpected and unwanted, yet satisfactory conclusion for all of humanity.

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