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The book operates from the conservative agenda of American politics. The Tea Party conservative movement and not the establishment conservatism of the Republican Party are discussed. This country needs to change. The funny thing about change is that the change this country needs is a regression towards America’s roots. The progressives have progressed America right out of what the Founding Fathers had in mind when writing the United States Constitution.

This is a good book for anyone entering a college classroom for political science. If you read this book you will impress your fellow students and the professor with your knowledge and understanding of the current issues facing America today. The articles represent a lot of American history that helps to provide context and understanding for the issues being discussed. The book is great for people of all political stripes because the arguments in each article are interesting and thought provocative.
This book represents the politics of America from 2012 to the present. The book is based on articles from many different subject matters including: economics, education, environmentalism, immigration, international foreign policy (Asia, Middle East, and Europe), Affordable Care Act, presidential, progressives, and religion. All of the subjects are written from a conservative perspective.

The book represents a discussion that is based on the politics that where part of the twenty four hour news cycle from 2012 until the present. Every article written in this book was written in real time as the events unfolded and blossomed on the media scene. Every article in this book can be found on the internet and all the articles are printed by http://www.nolanchart.com/. The Nolan Chart website is well known for its political discourse across the entire political spectrum from Liberals to Conservatives and everything in between.
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