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Tender Offers—Book Two: Comet Ride

This is the exciting conclusion of this two book series. It has all the characters you love to hate. There’s Aaron Rose the chief executive – will he be rewarded for his ruthless tactics? And Stanford Wentz—the pretty face behind the jar—will he continue to be willfully ignorant or will he wake up in time to save his image, his company and stay out of prison? Will the company survive? This fast moving book will leave you breathless as the Stanford Wentz Company goes public and then gets caught in competing tender offers all the while the lawyers orchestrate the back room deals. The entertainment and cosmetic worlds collide with Wall Street money in a cutthroat industry where only the unscrupulous can survive. Image is all in the image conscious beauty business where things aren’t as they seem and the guilty ensnare the innocent with promises of big money, glamour and high finance.
Someone will have to pay. The crime is murder. Who will it be? A young, beautiful and somewhat naïve lawyer gets caught in the tangled web of deceit. Will she succumb to the excitement? Is that really all that matters?
There are multiple tender offers—of money, power and romance—all of which combine to create a fast moving suspense thriller, with twists and turns, corporate politics, intrigue, lawyer maneuverings, and litigation. It exposes the world behind the image. You will never look at a cosmetics product the same.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493176649
List price: $3.99
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