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We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review

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If you have read books from Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, William F. Buckley, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage, then you will find this book insightful as contrast to these and many writers of conservative thought. Instead of pointing to prevailing thought and concepts the authors have discovered a new process that will actually instill hope for those who want to see the Federal government aligned with Constitution. Consequently, the authors point out in this second book that the framers not only created a very effective process, they also devised the process in stopping Federal usurpation and tyranny. Not only are the arguments sound the two tired plan introduced into this book is the playbook that breaks the status-quo, whcih has been repeated for over a century. Therefore, if one simply wants instructions as to how to apply the needed aid to our bleeding nation, then “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review” will provide the necessary background to do so. The simplicity of the strategy is based upon what the framers utilized to convene the first Continental Congress and can now be used to convene a convention for the primary stakeholders of this compact to perform a review or an audit of the general government as to how the general government is aligned to Constitution. The stakeholder’s of this contract is the Republic not the general government. In essence, “We the People: The Strategy to Convene a Convention – For Republic Review,” applies the Resolution or nullification powers to the greater problem we face today, which is full scale tyranny from the Federal Government and delineates hot the Republic not only has the power but the obligation to fix the out of control usurpation of roles, responsibilities, and powers (RRPs) by the Federal government.

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