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Kendra Shaw was once a rising star on the counterterrorism circuit. A brilliant operative who specialised in finding, fixing and finishing threats all around the world. But after a harrowing mission goes wrong, the pressure becomes too much for her to take, and she suffers a nervous breakdown.

Now disgraced and suspended from duty, Kendra is sent back home, where she spends months recovering from the trauma.

She thinks she is out of the game, but any peace is short-lived.

One afternoon, on a busy street corner, Kendra spots a familiar face from her past -- Ryan Hosseini, the lover she left behind years ago when she decided to serve her country.

Wrestling with old regrets, she is about to approach him when she realises that he isn’t alone. A surveillance team is hovering close by, affiliation unknown, intention unknown. And before Kendra can make sense of the situation, a bomb detonates and rips through the lunchtime crowd, and amidst the fire and rubble, Ryan vanishes.

Now Kendra finds herself on the hunt once more, searching the city, determined to uncover the truth. Is Ryan a victim of circumstance? Or is he a home-grown terrorist on the verge of unleashing an even deadlier attack?



Q – What’s the Section One series about?

A – It’s an international thriller series that focuses on Section One, a covert intelligence agency based out of Auckland, New Zealand. My characters are operatives who deal with terrorism, organised crime and other threats to global security.

Q – What makes the Section One series special?

A – When I set out to write this series, I wanted to create an experience that mirrored the kind of books that I love to read on my Kindle. My favourites are usually spy and espionage stories, as well as pulp thrillers and mystery best sellers.

Naturally enough, the Section One books are a mix of various genres. Some are techno thrillers. Others are political thrillers. There are even a few crime thrillers in the mix. I’ve worked hard to make the action and suspense exciting, and this series is designed to keep you turning the pages.

Q – Why should readers give these books a try?

A – Because the Section One series is exhilarating and provocative, with plots ripped straight from the headlines. It features realistic spycraft, geopolitical intrigue and cross-cultural insight. As a result, each book has been a best seller and has been featured on Amazon’s 100 Must Read Thrillers list.

Q – What order should I read the books in?

A – I’ve written the Section One series so that each book stands alone. However, they are all connected to a larger narrative. If you want to read them in chronological order, you can follow this sequence:

- Fallen Angel
- The Blasphemer
- The Fighting Season

Q – Who are your favourite authors?

A – I enjoy reading the following action and adventure authors: David Morrell, Barry Eisler, Tom Wood, Jonathan Maberry, Brad Taylor, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Daniel Silva, James Patterson, Iris Johansen, Russell Blake, L.T. Ryan, Steven Konkoly, Murray McDonald, Andrew Peterson, Trevor Scott, Mark Dawson, Brett Battles.

Published: Kia Kaha Press on
ISBN: 9781301091027
List price: $2.99
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