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Pursuit of the Cursed: Soulyte 3

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, The Splicers, The Night Sculptor, Blood Waters, Requiem for a Dream, and The Taken. And now, here's Soulyte...


Yet another adventure is awaiting our two young Heroes in the Forest still gripped in the clutches of the strange blackness—though this time is different.

Believing they are simply going to assist a cursed prince, Cyrus has no hint that anything is amiss but he is a Hero and, of course, it is his job to help the land of Madala and all who dwell in it.

But Magdeline knows more than she’s letting on. She knows the real reason they’re going to the castle and she also knows the Prince who lives deep in the Forest. Things become complicated when it becomes obvious the prince loves Magdeline, and he sees Cyrus as an obstacle between him and his fair damsel.

Pasts are exposed and secrets are shaped into answers. Magdeline seems to be learning that beauty and riches aren’t the only things that matter in the world—or to her. But will it be enough? And Cyrus is slowly overcoming his fear of the feminine form, thanks to Magdeline. But whether he knows it or not is a different story.

Watch them grow as they tackle another quest of good and evil together in this third installment of the Soulyte series.

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CYRUS COLLAPSED ON his bed in frustration.

Perhaps there really was no curse on the Prince.

Other than his obsession with Magdeline, Cael seemed like a perfectly normal, albeit spoiled prince living in isolation in the middle of the cursed Forest.

He felt there was something larger playing out in the castle’s environs. What it was exactly, he couldn’t quite identify.

So for Cyrus to just sit around and watch the Prince woo Magdeline back into his life, was, to his mind, a complete and utter waste of time.

The Forest—and perhaps all of Madala—was dying.

As he sulked from his spot on the bed, he barely noticed the stone door to his room open. When Magdeline entered, he jumped and scrambled to the end of his bed that was as far away from her as possible. She breathed a heavy sigh of resignation at the sight of his apparent terror and she strode over to perch on the edge of the bed.

“I need someone to talk to... well, at,” she breathed. “And I needed to get away from Cael. That man smothers me. For some reason, his unpided attention and devotion just isn’t as pleasing to me as it once was.” She sighed and looked at him. The sight of Cyrus cowering at the head of the bed made her laugh. “On the other hand,” she began. “Your fear and complete lack of devotion to me rounds out my situation nicely.”

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