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NIV, Fulfilled, eBook: The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman

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The NIV Devotional Bible for Single Women

Fulfilled: The NIV Devotional Bible for the Single Woman offers the full text of the NIV Bible, paired with heartfelt, practical, entertaining, and inspiring biblical insights from Christian women who understand the unique joys and challenges of living single.

Single women today can feel lonely and isolated in a world that often feels as if it’s been designed for couples. Fulfilled offers insightful and encouraging notes by a variety of women writers that will encourage your heart by helping you recognize that you are a Christian woman who just happens to be single, either by circumstance or by choice - and this gives you the freedom to do what other women cannot.

This devotional Bible for women uplifts and inspires single Christian women to become powerful voices for Christ. You will discover new insights, new perspectives, and a growing life in Christ.


Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 104 Devotions written by Christian, single women authors Profiles of single women in the Bible Scriptural index Encouraging Scripture verses highlighted Topical index for single women

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