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Reflections of Shadow: Nemesis Spawned

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Alexander Cadeyrn was born and baptised in blood and turmoil. Since the day that he took his first breath, his life’s course has been steered by forces beyond his control or understanding. He strives to achieve the destiny that was promised him - a world to rule, and the power to rule it - but he soon learns that reaching his goal may be far more difficult than he’d hoped.

Alexander is thrust into a world that has been ravaged by years of war and strife. He struggles to integrate into an unfamiliar and frustrating society, but is unable to reconcile his warped values with those of the clansmen. Even before the malevolence in his soul can tear apart all that he’s fought to achieve, however, Alexander is betrayed.

Lost and adrift, he struggles against the machinations of those who would make him their puppet. And, as he rebuilds his life, he tries desperately to restore balance to an existence burdened by a terrible yearning for murder and vengeance.

Nemesis Spawned is the first tale in the Reflections of Shadow series.

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