Honey House

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Honey House

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Length: 251 pages3 hours


...don't try to change the name, the House won't like it.
When KC Carmichael—former child con artist turned cruise ship psychic—is bequeathed the Honey House Bed and Breakfast by a virtual stranger, she goes along with the gag, because she knows a good scam when she sees one. But when she finds her benefactor on the floor in a pool of blood, nothing about the situation seems funny, until the body disappears—literally—just as Sheriff Quinn walks into the room.

Now KC—a woman who doesn’t do breakfast and refuses to be tied down—is saddled with a House that has a mind of its own and everyone in the tiny new age tourist trap town of Juniper Springs seems to know something she doesn’t. When she's thrown in jail for breaking the town’s full moon curfew—she discovers werewolves and witches are real.

With multiple murders and men to distract her, KC needs to discover her own hidden magick in order to survive.

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