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American Robins Arriving in Vermont: The First Swoop of Spring, A Photo Memoir

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American Robins Arriving in Vermont.


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An inspirational story in nature for people.

February 14, 2014

The American Robins’ arrival onto the backyard of our old 1800s Victorian apartment house on March 01, 2012, in Burlington, Vermont, was an iconic lasting memory for both myself and my wife Sheila.

I had been lamenting the nearing of the end of my only full winter outside of Texas (and two in Florida when I was in the Air Force).

Though summer in Vermont was decidedly different from an impending summer in Central Texas ;-) we had experienced the second mildest winter in Vermont’s recorded history. That it had been more cold and more snow than I had seen and experienced my whole sixty plus years prior combined, was little comfort for me. For example, the sleigh ride I had so looked forward to on the snow at night along the shore of Lake Champlain, had been cancelled for the first time ever due to lack of snow.

So when my wife called to me to come quickly, I could tell by the sound of her voice it was for something she thought I’d really like. She was right.

Snow was falling and clearly visible through the tall window of the back bedroom.

That was pretty nice by itself. But she also was pointing out a lone bird, perched on the lip of the roof of the apartment house next door.

From there a story unfolded, and once we had raised both the storm and regular windows, with an unimpeded view to the outside, the pictures captured the tale.

I hope you’ll enjoy this. The mixture of seeing the robins in motion, and seeing winter’s end sealed for spring’s entrance, made a memory to take back to Texas.

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