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Chasing Jupiter

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The United States of America is changing... The foundations of her governmental institutions are evolving, but are failing to bring adequate relief to the desperate constituents. Although most will not openly admit it, the economy of the United States is in a recession. The people feel it, but the Government has reassured them everything will be all right. A few sense it deeply, but their actions to stop it are futile. They form political committees and stage protests, but nothing changes. People do what it takes to survive, and criminal activity skyrockets. The Government is drowning in debt, and the struggle for answers comes up empty. Some offer hope, but the promises are fruitless. A cry for equality with the upper class erupts as the commoners, who are slowly losing everything dear to them, observe the rich living in luxury.
In the midst of it all, a significant crisis strikes and a charismatic leader emerges. However, some suspect he may have been somehow responsible for the disaster, which caused an economic burden strong enough to tear the very fabric of the American government. Reeling from infighting and economic failure, the union of the United States crumbles and forms into three super-states—and the possibility of impending civil war may hinge on the actions of two of the most unexpected people. The first is a drifter, who struggles to survive by taking mundane jobs and playing music for tips on street corners; the other is a resolute woman—a survivor from the abyss of the deplorable and illicit underground market in Seattle, Washington—who refuses to give up. Together they unlock their full potential, but in doing so they find themselves in the middle of a political battle that could result in the end of the United States, as they know it.

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