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The Eric and Izzie Series

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Fall in love with Eric and Izzie, as they fall for each other in the most romantic way. Go on their adventures together and meet their hilarious friends. Based in North Lakes, Australia. Discover the natural beauty and community spirit of the area.
The story grows from the romantic getaways and adventures together as a couple, to the involvement of Izzie and Eric's friends and how their bundling personalities fit into their story. Eric is a stunningly handsome man who is a successful project manager. Izzie works at a jewellery store and is glamorous yet sweet.
Lust, romance and love. The three ingredients to being married. And marriage is on the cards. Although when Eric's close friend, Ashton has a car accident with Veronica. Life's challenge's become difficult to handle. Yet this tale of ups and downs does end on a happy note for now. Just like any fairy tale ending should.
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