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Roommates and Nosy Sister Clarabell

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The Roommates are back again. Now they are joined by their nosy neighbor Sister Clarabell Hocklight, who spends a lot of time eavesdropping through the wall that separates their apartment. She gets earful after earful of their lustful shenanigans through her jelly-glass pressed firmly to her ear and the wall. The only thing better than her jelly-glass is being a fly on the wall. "But a fly is the work of the devil."
She has another motive for listening in. She wants to out her son-in-law who she suspects on being on the "downlow". She hopes by outing him, she can move in with her daughter.
All of their adventures don’t just happen in the house. They have quite an adventure on the Road to New Orleans.
Many of these stories have not been published anywhere. So you’re getting a rare treat. The stories are sensual to erotic to truthful.
AC Adams provides the lust and Harvey gives us Sis. Hocklight and the poetry you’ll find within this exciting little Book. There is a little surprise at the end. Is Omar really a goody two-shoes little Christian boy? Is Rock all about being rough and sexed up?

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