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Shadewraiths over Pandaria

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This short story takes place roughly forty years before A Dream of Storms (Book 1 of the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series) and the author highly recommends that you read that book before Shadewraiths over Pandaria.

Within the city of Lauden, the old man Trune is known as the village drunk, mostly useless and full of make-believe stories of his past. He is usually ignored and his tales dismissed. Shadewraiths over Pandaria delves into this character's true and unbelievable past.

From a childhood across The Edge to the training grounds of the knights of Harquinn, follow young Trune's tragic tale and discover how he wound up in an out of the way town like Lauden. What lies hidden within the ruins of Pandaria? What are Trune's ties to the dark lord Mournenhile? How did he fall so far?

Are all of Trune's tales imaginary?

I think not.

The writer recommends that you read A Dream of Storms before reading this short story.

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