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Lunara: Robin Acadia and the Martians

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In book six of the series, two hundred years after the MSA were defeated, discrimination is still rampant on Mars.

Earthling Robin Acadia has never been fully accepted into Martian society. She's been living with the prejudices since her Martian father's death as a child, but she never imagined Martian One would push Mars towards complete segregation from their Earth brethren.

With Mars and Earth's tensions growing, she finds help from famous billionaire Kirkon Tibor, who has made tremendous scientific discoveries over the last twenty years, but none greater than his next discovery. To right the wrongs against them, their mission pushes them to find the secrets left behind by Chloe Jones and her mysterious legacy.

But quickly, the greediness of the Martian leadership ruins their plans and they have no choice but to bring in help they never expected to need.

Lunara Series Books:

Seth and Chloe
Gwen and Eamonn
Parker and the Protector
Alexandria I
Alexandria II
Robin Acadia and the Martians

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