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Chicago Flashbulbs: A Quarter Century of News, Politics, Sports, and Show Business (1987-2012)

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"There is always a place for well-crafted, entertaining and informative essays and Chicago Flashbulbs fills that niche. Dr. Franklin's great enthusiasm and insights make these varied pieces both entertaining and memorable. His attention to detail in observing the human condition and his wry sense of humor will draw the reader in." - Howard Nearman, MD, MBA, Cascorbi Professor/Department Chair, Case Western university "Chicago Flashbulbs is filled with characters you want to read about: from hardworking teachers to a Princess; faded Hollywood legends, inspired physicians, rock stars and sports heroes. There are gripping accounts of the tragedy of wars, disease and man-made disasters as well as essays on the absurdity and humor of everyday life. The virtuous are celebrated while the pompous are revealed, as they should be." -Cynthia Kelly Conlon, JD, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Northwestern university, School of education and Social Policy "These essays are custom-crafted for the news and nostalgia junkie which appeared in the op-ed page of the Chicago Tribune and in other publications. They are colorfully recounted stories of the high-born, the low-born and some who wished they had never been born. Readers will find themselves drawn into the subjects' lives." - Lt. Colonel Jim Nicholson, uS Army reserve (ret.), Former investigative reporter, Philadelphia Daily News, Author of Because No One Else

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