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Zumanomics Revisited: The Road from Mangaung to 2030

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In the light of global and domestic developments since his 2009 publication Zumanomics, Raymond Parsons now reassesses the economic prospects for South Africa post-Mangaung and following the 2014 general election. While the original book was a collective effort with other contributors, this is an individual one. Many red lights are flashing for the economy and South Africa is struggling to avoid a low-growth trap. What are the conditions for the success of the National Development Plan’s vision for 2030, and can it be translated into reality? What will happen after the 2014 election? Drawing on his considerable experience and analysis of South Africa’s political economy, Professor Parsons redefines and updates Zumanomics in light of these developments. Will South Africa be able to move successfully to address the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty, and inequality identified by President Zuma as the three greatest issues needing South Africa’s attention? How can the country improve its global competitiveness? How can South Africa best build on its strengths and address its weaknesses? This is a timely book, comprehensive, insightful, and recommended reading for individuals interested in understanding the challenges for new government and the way forward toward unlocking the growth potential with a shared prosperity for all in South Africa.

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