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The Chosen

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Prince Severin knows that marrying the princess of a neighboring land and producing an heir is the last hope to achieve peace for his war-ravaged kingdom. Yet he refuses. Angered by his defiance, the king orders Severin out into the world, hoping that seeing the suffering of their people will change his mind. What no one knows is that the prince is not stubborn, but longs only for the touch of another man. On the brink of despair, his life changes forever when his journey brings him to a slave market and he catches a glimpse of Havyn.

Born into bondage, Havyn has spent his life being sold from master to master and longing to know love. From the moment he first sees Prince Severin, he is certain his wish has come true. But Havyn is no ordinary slave. He has been born with a magic powerful enough to save, or destroy. When the prince's trusted companion recognizes his latent talents, he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime as a wizard's apprentice.

But, there's a catch. Havyn's powers will only be fully realized if he keeps his body chaste and pure, but the closer he becomes to Prince Severin, the more their growing attraction threatens his resolve. With kingdoms at war and the throne hanging in the balance, can the two men find happiness together, or will duty triumph over love?

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