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Love Just Happens

178 pages2 hours


When Susan Simpson, a social worker, takes a job at a mental health center, Peter Hanson, the director, makes bold amorous advances toward her. Although she admires his brilliance and leadership, she finds his arrogance and pompousness offensive. The more she learns about him, the less he appeals to her. So strong is his hold over her, however, that, try as she might, she can't tear herself free of him. Even upon learning of his shabby treatment of his past loves, she is unable to break the Svengali-like spell he has cast upon her.
Meanwhile Ned Baxter, a doctoral student, who is seeking advice on the how best to put the brakes on his upcoming, arranged marriage and the offer of the top executive position in his wealthy uncle's company without sowing dissension within his family, becomes a client of hers. In the course of their meetings, he breaks the director's spell over her and sets her free. In the end, she rewards him with her eternal love.

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