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The main character has to decide if he should believe the strange woman calling him at work and telling him of impending doom, or if she's just another crazy caller. Slowly he finds more and more that she's not as incoherent and insane sounding as he once thought. Is this woman telling the truth? Is she really from an alternate universe? His supervisor thinks she's crazy, and orders him to stick to business as usual. Should he follow his boss's orders? Or is this his chance at something more? Is this an opportunity for him to finally experience something greater than himself?

Published: Chris Baca on
ISBN: 9781311479389
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Day In & Day Out - Chris Baca

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He woke up alone, grumbling. Something about going to work. He slowly stretched himself out and rose to a seated position. He fingers at the gritty hardness encrusted in the acute corners of each eye, grinding it away with his fingertips. Bending over, he picks up his clothes from the evening before, and stands up, getting dressed. He runs a coarse brush through tangles in an attempt to flatten out his remaining hair. He was balding in the front, or what you could say was a receding hairline. More like full retreat, he thought.

Driving now, he heads to work. He takes his badge and his headset with him to work everyday. He takes them with him when he leaves at night. His badge, a little piece of plastic depicting a similarly plastic-smiling picture of him. This dangled from a key-chain on his belt loop. His headset, picture a cheap pair of headphones with little cushion between the resilient material and his cartilaginous ear, with a microphone jutting from a pliant rod reaching from the right earpiece. A long tail off of the left earpiece ended in a small rectangular end-piece that connected to a similar cable to attach his headset to the phone on his desk.

At work he talks. Very rarely about anything he's even remotely interested in. Sometimes about kids. Sometimes about cars. Sometimes about recent events. A lot of talk revolves around the weather in other parts of the country. Sometimes the world even. But he always has to repeat the same thing.

If it's summer, It's hot;