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Until One Day

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Until One Day, by Charlotte Symonds, is a poignant affectionate account of one day in the lives of four strangers. Each lives in Manhattan and hides their despondent lives behind masquerades. Follow each through a day in their lives where choices are presented and upon which decisions made not only alter the course of their lives, but impact others as well. Sydney, a successful attractive female corporate lawyer, Patrick a retired plumbing engineer and WW II veteran, Sister Georgiana a teacher at an all-girls parochial high school and Christa, who recently relocated from upstate New York, are all strangers to each other. Each has their own grave quandary, each trying to conceal it, and each searching for a solution. Yet all share one commonality, a seemingly hopeless conclusion to their unique situations. Hearts can be broken for many reasons, but can each heart be repaired? Be enthralled while each story unfolds, revealing its inimitable predicament and the journey’s end for each character’s destiny.

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