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Games for Kids: 77 Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Games for Children Ages 5 and Up!

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Do you need to entertain your children often and have difficulty figuring out engaging new activities for them to do for free, or for only a few dollars?

Do you hold children's parties and need exciting group games to play?

What about games that you can play indoors, outdoors, or both?

"Games for Kids - 77 Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Games for Children Ages 5 and Up!" gives you exactly what you are looking for! Whether you’re responsible for two or three little ones or an entire room full of children, this book can provide inexpensive games for any group, ages five and up! Both indoor and outdoor games are included, so you can entertain children year ‘round, despite the weather!

This book will help you “wow” the kids in your life with all the exciting games you will have for them. You don’t have to worry about buying separate (and sometimes expensive) board games, toys and props, only to have the kids get sick of them in a month. This book contains an array of older, classic games, as well as newer games you may have never heard of, to keep them busy!

Best of all, the materials for these games cost either a few dollars, or nothing at all! Ever heard of Sardines? This is similar to hide-and-seek, but with a twist, and requires nothing but ample space to run! One of the games is so stress-free to set up, you just need to look in your kitchen for these items: a bucket, a sponge and a glass!

These games are presented with very simple, easy-to-read instructions. This way, you can pick any game at random and have it setup within minutes!

The following information is listed for each game:
- Objective
- Number of players
- Suggested age to play
- Time required to complete each game
- What items are needed, if any
- Detailed (but simple) instructions and rules

To switch things up a bit, variations of some games have been included for increased fun and to keep children engaged even more!

"77 Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Games for Children Ages 5 and Up!" will allow you to entertain children for hours upon hours. Pick it up now, and let the fun begin!

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