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The Faithful Patriot

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Two worlds which combine dominant elements of secrecy and apparent transparency set the stage for The Faithful Patriot. J.M.Browning weaves a tale of dual deceit and faith with duty to country, mission and self. CIA assassin Bart Manning is recruited, trained and embedded in one of the most overt, restrictive covers imaginable; A missionary for the Mormon Church. The requirements of missionaries and assassins are eerily similar yet one greatly restricts the other in completing their true objective. Saddled with a 24/7 companion who has a commitment to strictly adhere to the Mormon missionary code, Manning must use all the tools in his deception arsenal to find and eliminate the foremost financier of terrorism before he funds a major strike against the United States. The Faithful Patriot is a story of single struggle of a young man whose dedication to country must be molded to fit within the confines of one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood religions in the world. Deceiving an entire religious organization, a constant companion, would be new converts to Mormonism, the United States Government, and even himself at times, Bart Manning is an exploration in the Machiavellian mantra of the ends justifying the means.

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