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The Dark Crystal: Plague of Light

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My entry to Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Author Quest, published with kind permission of the Jim Henson Company.

In the world of the Dark Crystal, stones can move and plants can sing. The Skeksis rule from the Castle of the Crystal, while the natural wizards called ur-Mystics work from afar to prevent the land from faltering. Set thousands of trines before the events of the film, PLAGUE OF LIGHT is the story of the search for a cure to an arcane contagion that has infected the people of Thra.

Cory and Loora are both rebellious Woodland Gelflings who have been sent to Aughra to sort out their problems with authority. She enlists them on a quest to find a cure for the plague that has already infected their parents.

Meanwhile, Gobber and Lemny are nuffing more than trav'ling merchants, carrying odds and evens to sell from their old cart, when they spot sumfing funny falling from the sky . . .

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