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Meridian Metaphors Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs

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Finally it’s possible to simply look up guesses on the mental-emotional meaning of disturbed meridian flow. As well, move easily from underlying mental-emotional dysfunction to meridian-organ dysfunction. Finally a manual to go back and forth and between these two.

Ever wonder how the body tracks and manages mental-emotional psychology? Ever think Chinese Medicine had some good ideas about how psychology and the body are connected but that TCM was incomplete? Ever wonder what else has been learned about meridian-muscle-organ-psychology connections in the 40 years since Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health became public?

Meridian Metaphors, Psychology of the Meridians and Major Organs is a 1005 page MANUAL providing comprehensive psychological language for the disturbed energetic conditions of each meridian and associated organ.

Each meridian-organ entry suggests which emotions that organ absorbs. Psychological dysfunctions are separated into UNDERcharged and OVERcharged categories so the polar extremes of dysfunctional expression are more obvious and easy to learn.

The manual is written for counselors and practitioners of all kinds. With it you can go from meridian dysfunction back to organ and psyche dysfunction; or, from psychic dysfunction down to meridian and organ dysfunction.

The manual is especially pertinent for kinesiology testers to “see into” meridians and organs issues. It will appeal to self-healers, self-testers, and practitioners, such as:
- Touch for Health,
- Energy Medicine,
- Immunics,
- EFT,
- Psych-K,
- Theta Healing,
- Peace Theological Seminary Masters & Doctorate Programs.

The manual begins and ends with language for the HEALTHY FUNCTION of each meridian-vessel.

A section of language, imagery and myths for meridian dysfunction at each pole of UNDERcharge and OVERcharge dysfunction accompanies each meridian. The manual condenses and better categorizes the insights of William F. Whisenant’s monumental Psychological Kinesiology (1994) adding to it many observations from other sources and the clinical practice of the author and other practitioners.

Additional material includes
-How and why organs absorb emotions,
-Some clarifications on language for the five element metaphors,
-Case studies of how to use the manual,
-How to use the Light to clear meridian imbalances.

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