Journey Lesson 32 The Light And The Life

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Journey Lesson 32 The Light And The Life

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This is lesson 32 of the Journey Bible Study Program series The purpose of this lesson is to describe Jesus as the life and the light of the world. In chapter 1 we describe the power to give life and to judge granted to Jesus by the Father as explained by John in 4:46- 5:47. In chapter 2 we describe Jesus as the bread of life and we describe the true motive for seeking him. In chapter 3 we describe the background and meaning of the texts in which Jesus identifies himself as the "source of living water", "light of the world" and bearer of the divine name "I AM". In chapter 4 we describe how Jesus leads us to eternal life. In chapter 5 we learn of Jesus triumph of death by raising Lazarus from the dead. Then in chapter 6 we learn how Jesus brings life to the world through his death.

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