The Secret of Stonehenge

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The Secret of Stonehenge

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Length: 850 pages12 hours


A long-awaited sequel to The Grail of Sir Thomas!

Valiant Sir Thomas has defeated the Head of the Secret Seven, but is it the ultimate victory? What if this powerful secret organization, like the Hydra, can incessantly grow new heads in place of the ones it has lost?

The knight with the Holy Grail in his bag and his companion, a Pagan sorcerer Oleg, still have a long way to fare across the dark woods of Rus’, full of ancient magic, treacherous traps and strange allies. Sir Thomas is determined to bring the shrine to his home Britain and hand it to the Holy Church – that will put a proper ending to his quest... or at least he thinks so.

On their way, Thomas and Oleg rescue a beautiful woman from being sacrificed by wild Steppenmen to their cruel gods. She begs to take her to her fiancé, a Slavic prince, for a lavish ransom. Sir Thomas will do his best to help a fair lady out... but are the things really what they seem?

The second book of The Knight and the Wonderer series has all the things you enjoyed in the first volume – a fast-moving storyline with many unexpected twists, vivid fighting scenes, exotic settings and rich historical background, the author's unconventional view on both Paganism and Christianity – and far more than that. Read to make sure!

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