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This book is filled with imaginary characters. I am happy and excited in sharing some of the unexpected actions of stationary and moving things of nature. Every place you look you find that you are surrounded by them. What if they could talk about their concerns or their wisdom? All things that have been placed on our earth have a purpose in our lives, no matter how large or how small. The stories in this book are meant to be amusing and inspiring for the children and the parents who read them. These stories also have an underlying message about the trials and triumphs of life.
When we walk through a forest or a park, we seem to locate immediately the large things that stand out. I have always searched for the smallest insignificant part of everything I see in the forest as I feel that it is very important not to overlook as you are a witness to the beginning of life. Some inhabitants in the forest will become giants of the earth while others will remain small, but all are important to life on earth.
Even though my name I have not mentioned throughout the stories of this book, I was there looking in and listening to the many conversations and now I am happy to share with the children what I saw and heard.
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ISBN: 9781490731094
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