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The Glories of Geezerhood

40 pages35 minutes


In this book you will meet many geezers and geezerettes who are experiencing their entry into geezerhood while finding humor and joy as they cope with major changes in their lives. The people are real as are many of the accounts. However, most of the antics are humorous situations, which fit their circumstances and those personal geezerisms they exhibit on a daily basis. Since the author is a geezer, he has first hand experience with the geezerous behavior, which he and his friends are dealing with. Throughout the book you will find indicators to let you know if you are a geezer or are rapidly approaching geezerhood. If you are a geezer, this book will make you feel good about your geezerous behavior and see how much your fellow geezers are enjoying their retirement and all of the things geezers are doing to have the time of their life.

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