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Musings, or We Could Be Much More Advanced, But We're Too Comfortable Embracing T he Illusion Of Knowledge

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Mr. Lynch brings to the fore some new theories on a variety of topics that have puzzled us for many years, while we stubbornly cling to some beliefs (as we did with the Flat Earth belief, even to the extent of persecuting and imprisoning those who questioned it). And for some strange reason, we continue to claim that Columbus "discovered" America. He encourages research in a new direction (crop circles) and endeavors to explain why so many incompatible heads-of-state seem to unanimously agree on one single topic. He explains what could be seen as "the Ultimate Weapon". He points to Mankind being so arrogant, that not only do we see ourselves as the "center of the universe", but we even attempt to take credit for affecting global weather, while ignoring history.

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