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Three Irish Short Stories: Scared Sober, Deaf Widow Dunphy, The Love Lamb

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Though set in the fictional Irish town of Ballybrook, these three short stories are based on universals of small town life and human nature.
In Scared Sober, Connor and his friends are, even by Irish standards, world class drinkers. Finally his girlfriend makes him choose between his drinking buddies and her, to her chagrin. Until Connor has an experience that makes him scared sober.
Deaf Widow Dunphy has a gossiping next door neighbor who plots to inherit the Widow's house, until it all backfires.
In The Love Lamb, Seamus and Colleen are sheepherders who meet with their flocks on the rain swept moors. They are attracted to each other, but pride and shyness intrude until a love lamb brings them together.

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