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For the cast of young characters in these five short stories, life's trials and tribulations come much earlier than is expected. Emotions run high while spirit and determination are greatly challenged.

This collection features the following five stories:

Kate's Funeral - A seventeen-year-old girl mysteriously finds herself sitting in the middle of her own funeral service. Unbothered by this small detail of not being alive, she is more concerned with why her boyfriend has yet to come and bid her a final farewell. While unsure of his whereabouts, she also discovers that in death, much like in life, there is much to learn and big decisions to make. With time running out, she can only hope the choices she settles upon turn out to be the right ones.

Our Time Together - While sitting at his father's deathbed, a man reminisces about a hunting trip that he'd taken with his dad, and hero, many years before. It's then he comes to understand just how meaningful that hunting trip really was.

Ripple in the Moonlight - Three spirited young men are gearing up on the last day of school to embark on a highly anticipated camping trip. When poor decisions are made and the envelope is pushed, their outdoor experience takes a dark turn and goes horribly awry.

Fading Jump Shot - Kent Weber loves the game of basketball. The next chapter in his life is to play at the college level for Spalding U. However, when he finds out about his parents' approaching divorce, Kent's passion for the game fades away. Feeling abandoned, he turns to a drug-fueled life of self-destruction that leads him down a path of dark and life-changing consequences.

Best for the Family - While on a cross-country bus trip, a wise, elderly woman reveals a dark story from her past that tells how lies, humiliation, and murder stripped a young girl of her youthful innocence.
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