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Within these five stories lingers a psychological edge with a sprinkle of dark humor thrown in for good measure.

Print Length: 80 pages (approx. 20,000 words)

This collection features the following five stories:

The Good Neighbor - A brittle and downtrodden man who can't seem to get ahead in life contemplates a neighborhood massacre.

Diseased - When a resident of a mental institution has a nervous breakdown over the death of a family of ducks, his repercussions are quickly met when the head nurse steps in and reveals everything is not as it seems...or is it?

Under the Willow Tree - A ridiculing and condescending wife causes her husband to find tranquility in, of all things, his prized willow tree.

The Old Writer and the Hungry Squirrels - A lonely writer loses his creative drive, but when his estranged muse returns and presents him the ability to write in an exchange for his immortal soul, a resurrected career looks hopeful. His newly found inspiration has a shocking impact on the world, one he never dreams possible, one he never sees coming.

Secret Lovers - In this spicy tale, a lonely, unloved wife seeks her desires elsewhere.
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ISBN: 9781468942057
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