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Great songs don't just happen, many ingredients go into their writing and composition and to understand the song you have to understand the inputs. To some people songwriting is one of the mystical 'dark arts', to others it's a simple mathematical puzzle and, as ever, the truth is somewhere in the middle. In the Great Songs series we will show you how and why great songs are created, we'll increase your understanding, appreciation and enhance your listening experience by unpacking the ingredients in an informative and entertaining way. The series is structured in such a way that fledgling or aspiring songwriters will benefit from the insights via the technical analysis we present, but the casual music lover will also find much to learn and enjoy. To those already on that musical journey this series will help with the road map, to others it could be the key to the first steps. It's possible that the format will reveal to many non-musicians just how achievable becoming a musician is, as someone wise once said, "All you need is three chords and the truth".
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