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Cosmic Colossal, the brainchild of Aishwarya Pandey, is a true roller coaster of a ride as it takes the reader on a journey through the spirit dimension of the universe. Semester, the central character in the novel, is exiled to the earth, and it is through this exile that the spiritual and physical aspects of the universe overlap with each other. The personalities of the story’s characters are well-developed to the extent that they help take the reader deep into the ethos of the plot. Whether the reader is a professional scientist or a sci-fi enthusiast, Cosmic Colossal, brings about an awareness that there is more to the universe than what is perceived by the senses.

“As a complement to Cosmic Colossal, Francis A. Andrew has chosen to write an appraisal of Sir Fred Hoyle’s 1964 book entitled Man in the Universe. The parts of Hoyle’s book in which he discourses on the need for humankind to shift emphasis away from the material and on to the spiritual dovetails well with the setting of Cosmic Colossal.”
– Siddhant Bahuguna
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ISBN: 9781490730875
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