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Dealing With Idiots: Everyday Inspiration For Putting Up With People

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Drivers. Co-workers. Sports. Shopping. What do these things all have in common? The answer: if you are doing any sort of activity whatsoever, chances are very good that you will eventually encounter an idiot.

Shopping for groceries? Using the self-checkout machine? Good luck with that. If we do a great job at scanning and bagging our own groceries, will we eventually get a raise? Does it matter that we don't actually work at the store?

More than just dummies are covered. Which sports are the best? The worst? How does eye surgery work? What about giving blood? What really goes on when you wander in there and volunteer to get stabbed with a needle? Sure, I'm drinking free soda, but is there a catch? What do you do if someone starts taking off all of their clothes at the bar? How many meals per day are appropriate at an all-inclusive resort—six or seven?

Part self-help book, part ranting and raving, these insightful essays are about succeeding at life (while masquerading as a middle-aged man complaining about having to stand in line and occasionally talk with other people).

Dealing With Idiots takes a humorous look at living in a world with all sorts of different people.

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