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Knight of the Flame

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There's so much left to learn.

Caymus had always thought he would be a priest, one of the masters of the Temple of the Conflagration, whose intimate connections with the realm of enduring flames have, for thousands of years, allowed them control over fire itself. The night that otherworldly monsters attacked his temple though—the night when people started dying—changed his life...changed everything. A malevolent force has invaded his world and is now spreading its dark and terrible influence over the land, over the people, over everything he knows.

If Caymus hopes to ever drive this force back, to rid his world of it and protect the people he loves, he'll need to learn more about this darkness, what it wants, and how in the world he can possibly fight it. Through his journey, he will also need to learn about an ancient war—a conflict so similar, but fought so very long ago—and also about a warrior who lived it and who seems, somehow, connected to him from across the ages...the Knight of the Flame.

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