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The Soul Detective

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When Achilles Jackson’s latest case file makes its way to his desk, the Soul Detective has no idea it could alter the future of the Afterlife.
The longtime resident of Hell is accustomed to tracking Lost Souls through the depths of Lucifer’s world. But this case starts taking unsuspecting turns that leave Achilles questioning the end game.
The beautiful Milan Beswyck, banished to Hell for murder, lying, extortion, and adultery, is Achilles’s latest case. As his search for her takes him through Hellish cities with names like Styx, Nehet, and Outworld, Achilles learns that Hell is quickly changing and Heaven isn’t everything it’s supposed to be. Now, Achilles must prevent Lucifer from bringing about the collapse of Heaven before the Afterlife becomes one, complete blur.
In The Soul Detective, Scott Joseph Kaniewski weaves a riveting, hard-boiled detective story alternating between the Afterlife and Earth, intertwining Achilles Jackson’s past world experiences as a cop with his postmortem life as an agent of Heaven.

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