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How can you rediscover and become the super you that God created you for and enlarge yourself to live your best life now, with all the potentialities inside of you?

The answer lies in one of my strongest convictions: that you can do better than you are doing right now by the special grace of God. But this may not happen to you unless you change most of your personal belief systems—the way you have been taught to think about success, about your own life, and about material blessings and prosperity. In this easy-to-understand guide, John Nwankwo challenges you to break free from life difficulties and experience immense prosperity and success in most areas that characterize your everyday life—meaningful relationships, financial prosperity, spirituality, wealth creation, happiness and joy; vibrant health in your mind and your body, and victory to the things that set limitations on you and defeat your ability to live your best life now. Your journey to success and the rediscovery of the better you within you—a fulfilling, healthier, happier lifestyle and a brighter future with unending possibilities and success begin with these ten strategies:

Automate your mind to work for success.

You can make your mind work for you.

God has armed you with immense power.

I can do better than I’m doing right now.

Enlarge your determination and industriousness.

Don’t settle for defeat. Go for victory.

Dominate your circumstances and environment.

Be disciplined and consistent.

Invest in yourself. It takes courage to succeed.

Be stubborn for your own success. Investigate success.

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