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In this devotional guide for both men and women alike, DuBois relies on God’s Word to provide encouragement, cause for quiet reflection, and a path for anyone desiring spiritual growth.

While providing devotional topics complete with accompanying prayer and corresponding Scripture, DuBois demonstrates how crucial it is for all of us to invite God into our lives while going about our daily existence. In her devotions, DuBois inspires us to walk with God while finding joy in the simplest of moments, developing a courageous spirit to face all of life’s challenges, focusing on maintaining a positive attitude, and rediscovering our divine purpose for living.

The Sparrow’s Nest is a thought-provoking collection of devotions that seeks to lift up weary souls while gently inspiring contemplation, spiritual growth, and the knowledge that God is always with us.

Published: CrossBooks on
ISBN: 9781462735020
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