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Once Upon A Time In Australia

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Romance, from the ashes of an Australian underworld street war centred in Sydney grows the most unlikely marriage created by natural attraction and pure love elevated by a news hungry media to celebrity status. Newspaper reporter Jodi Stanton crosses paths with parliamentarian Sandra Lovington after her husband Vigilante John Stanton saves her from the clutches of death during a bitter street war.
Part aboriginal police officer The Cadiche Man cuts a swath of intimidation and dead bodies through the Australian criminal world and they don't know which way to turn.
The war is initiated by a new generation of mobster of Middle Eastern origin, born of the warring planet in a foreign land and unchecked by unstable Australian government fighting to stay in power and close to a hung parliament.
The new breed begins to gun down anyone that stands in their way subject to no ones law but their own and they don't have any. They enlist support of corrupt parliamentary members that hold the balance of power and pay powerful lawyers to play the system. The new clan is intoxicated with its power and lack knowledge of the Vigilante John Stanton looming in the background and his relationship with sidekick Cadiche. The lawless newcomers attempt to assassinate Cadiche rendering him close to death in an effort to curb the authoritarian onslaught and win back control.
Warring factions of the mob for year's enemies convene an unprecedented meeting to discuss the problem. The outcomes are unpredictable.
Confronting issues, multi cultural themes, vigilante’s, strine otherwise known as Australian slang, atrocious foul language, torture, rape, corruption, explicit depiction of pornographic sex, drug use, triad gangs, the mafia, outlaw motorcycle clubs, politics, espionage and cold blooded murder.

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