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The Hindu Book Of Astrology: Yogi Knowledge Of The Stars And Planetary Forces And How To Control Them To Our Advantage by Bhakti Seva With Foreward by ConsultTheSage

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While many dispute the validity of astrological theories, the concept remains an intriguing and thought-provoking one among astrology scholars, learned scientists, and laity alike. It is said that over 30% of modern-day Americans believe in the practice of astrology and prefer to adhere to it as something more factual than fictional. The celestial bodies above are thought to influence our personalities, our behaviors, and our compatibilities even in this age of information and advanced technology yet to be imagined when astrological influences were first conceptualized by our ancient counterparts.

Writings of the 10th Mystic, Bhakti Seva, are considered among some of the prominent documents of mystical astrometric theory within the astrological community. Although these pages are over a hundred years old, the truths within them have withstood the test of time; much of what the Mystic has written still applies to our own modern lives as much as it did within his own time. Whether the readers hail from the Vedic tradition, or prefer the Western methods -- or both! -- the Mystic's writings are whimsical, fascinating, and hold much relevance to our everyday lives today.

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