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Friends in Dark Corners

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Jessie was once a happy child with a loving mother and father, but that was before she fell into the plow at her grandparents’ house at the age of three. When she came back from the hospital, the night terrors came with and her nightly screaming even woke up the neighbors.

When the freckle appeared on her cheek and spread into her hair, turning the thin dirty blonde locks into thin wiry black strands, even strangers began to avoid the innocent little girl, forbidding their children to play with her.

Growing up and being tormented by her brother, sister, and classmates, waking up in a hospital wasn’t a surprise to her any longer, but when she woke in a nursing home, she knew something bad had happened, but nobody would tell her what.

Knowing the Terrors were lurking in her dreams as they did after every time she had a brush with death, Jessie discovered that the bedtime trick she’d been using to hide from them was no longer working. Unless she found another way, it would be only a matter of time before she’d wake up screaming, shattering the peace of the nursing home.

But when the Terrors came after her in the light of day, she knew she had to run or they would torture her for the rest of her life.

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