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Joseph McCormick interviewed by Dr Nicholas Beecroft on Transpartisan Politics. In this interview Joseph describes this personal journey and shares his experience as a pioneer of Transpartisan politics in the United States. Transpartisan Politics is an approach to politics which is integral and holistic. It seeks to go beyond the old divisions of left/right, conservative/liberal, authoritarian/libertarian, nationalist/inter-nationalist, individual/group, control/freedom, heart/mind, masculine/ feminine, courage/compassion and so on.

Transpartisan politics aims to include the healthy expressions of all values from survival though to human potential including all those held by those represented. It acknowledges that to live in complexity we need to integrate the best of all the strands of political belief. Joseph uses a Transpartisan toolbox which is a set of techniques and processes which enable groups of people to align around shared vision and values and to integrate their many perspectives into a powerful way forward. It shows people how to navigate conflict, deepen listening, identify common values and concerns, defuse emotional triggers, build trust, strategic questioning and inquiry skills, suspend judgement, and honor difference.

In 1998 Joseph McCormick had an impeccable political resume: a former officer in the Army Rangers, a degree in Public and Private Management from Yale, and a rising star in the conservative movement with Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich campaigning for him for Congress. By 2001 at the age of 39 he was living alone in a cabin without electricity, deeply disillusioned with the political uncivil war. By 2004 he had reentered politics with a new approach, building rather than destroying bridges. He eventually helped bring over 145 national leaders representing over seventy million Americans into multi-day retreat dialogues in search of opportunities to collaborate—Al Gore, Grover Norquist, and top leaders of MoveOn.org, Common Cause, Christian Coalition, American Legion, Meetup.com, Libertarian Party, and Green Party among others. He has extended this work to the grassroots, working primarily in Oregon and Washington to create replicable, prototypical models of a transpartisan democratic republic at the scale of a town, city, and county.

The Future of Western Civilization Series 1

Dr Nicholas Beecroft, a Military and Organizational Psychiatrist, has spent 25 years exploring the worlds of Medicine, Psychiatry, Business, International Relations and the Military. In the Future of Western Civilization Series, he interviews visionary leaders to discover their inspiring, positive and practical visions for the future and challenges them with incisive questions.

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