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For Love And Honor

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Having fled England after being accused of murder, Sir Alain and his friend, Sir Piers, both found that sun-drenched Italy under Norman rule was a place where an ambitious man could make a new life. Both men became wealthy. Piers married and had a daughter, Samira, but Alain could never forget his first love, Joanna. Years later, after Piers was widowed, the men returned to England with Samira. There they found Joanna imprisoned in a tower room by her ruthless father. Her son, William, was nearly as confined under his grandfather’s cold and demanding rule and William believed the old story that Alain had killed his father. Obviously, something must be done, so a plan was concocted and set in motion. No one counted on Samira falling in love with William, or expected Joanna’s stepmother to find the widowed Piers so charming. If only Joanna would admit she still cared for Alain!

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