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Who Got the Meat Came Off Them Bones?

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How do you get the virgin to the top of the volcano without letting them know they're the sacrifice?

Meet twice divorced, Darce Vardy. A coddled, middle-aged social worker with a penchant for minding his own business, wearing spiffy clothes and caring for his beloved antique red BMW.

Darce was knee-deep in a recurring dream about his boyhood dog when the phone rings and the world as he knows it begins to turn inside out. The cold cruel voice at the other end of the line goads him into solving riddles in a frantic attempt to save the life of an innocent child.

"Come off it, Millicent,’ he says. “I'm an office drone, for God’s sake - not a parlor psychologist.”

The reader may well ask why Millicent chose him? Is he the virgin for this particular volcano?

Maybe, there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Trickery, mayhem, and possibly murder, along with some genuine love and compassion vie for pride of place in Darce's story, along with dry wit, intelligent twists, and extra crisp dialogue.

The villains are despicable, the good guys and gals are delightful, and those that fall in between do their best to provide a quality reading experience.

Reader Feedback

Man did this book suck me in! But then again I love riddles. I love the way you write...
A witty, tricky story that is highly entertaining! Great writing style.

the thing that stands out to me most is the humor in this piece (I didn't really expect it)

Who Got The Meat Came Off Them Bones provides an engrossing and intelligent read. The piece is full of intriguing throwaway lines that hook and hold

You know how to build suspense very well. Your plot is highly original and the characterization unique. I am fascinated with Aunty Millicent and you give just enough of her at the very beginning to whet our appetites and hook us to read more to find out more about her and the child she has kidnapped. There is wry humor in all this which is brilliant, a plot that should be very serious based on revenge, but why do I get the feeling that it's more complicated than that? I liked the start with riddles and thought it was very entertaining while brilliantly giving us a glimpse into the personalities of Darce and Millicent. engaging and wry thriller...

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