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The Great Mother

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A silent killer stole everyone she knew and loved. Where there were once people, she only saw ghosts. Where cars used to travel, only leaves moved across the barren roads. There were no planes overhead, no messages to hear on her voice mail, no signs of life anywhere. She wandered in a numb haze through the terrifyingly still world, until suddenly there was a sound. A call. One voice that woke her up and made her realize that she wasn't alone. And in that moment, she decided to live.

This is a story of loss and pain, of struggle and triumph. This is a story about picking up the pieces when everything falls apart, and finding unlikely heroes in the darkest hour. It is a story of the thrill of success after shattering defeat. It is a story of love, of anger, of laughter and tears. It is a story of life.

And all life begins with a mother.

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