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Willow and the Rise of the Serpent

250 pages4 hours


Travel with Willow through magical worlds as she discovers a great evil that lies beneath the Endless Waters. An evil so terrifying it has been sealed in the underworld for over a thousand years and if escapes, could annihilate the sea kingdom and shift the balance of life forever. The beast is awakened and has heard that the sea kingdom is now ruled by the new Goddess of the Sea, Willow, who possesses great powers. He begins to plot his freedom only to discover this Goddess is no ordinary creature.
Willow unlocks the great powers that were given to her by the ancients but not even they could imagine such magic exist until she reveals them in her attempt to save her worlds.

“DB Jones has done it again with Willow and the Rise of the Serpent. I couldn’t put the book down. I thought her first book Willow of Endless Waters was exciting and magical but, again, she has filled my nights with suspense and magic as I glided along with each twist and turn in Willow’s new adventures. Thank you DB.”...Renee’ S.
“Willow and the Rise of the Serpent will keep you riveted with each page. This book is filled with suspense, magic and unexpected events as the readers travels through this vividly, exciting new fantasy world. With each new journey Willow unlocks magical powers she never imagined.”...D. McClain
“I completed reading Willow of Endless Waters and can hardly wait for the next book in the trilogy. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to continue with Willow’s adventures. Her journey is packed with visual fantasies that will pull the reader into each page as if they were with her every move, feeling her every fear, tension and challenge. If you love fantasy, this trilogy is a must read.”...Marie B.

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