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Heart Healthy Meal Plans: 7 days of summer goodness

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Heart Healthy Meal Plans: 7 days of summer goodness

Length: 89 pages27 minutes


7 day Heart Healthy Meal Plan gives you confidence and inspiration to naturally manage your cholesterol levels.

Nutritionist and chef Lucy Hyland realised many clients were overwhelmed and confused about how to structure their eating every day. In response, she designed a Heart Healthy Meal Plan which is packed with whole natural ingredients, crafted together perfectly to create home cooked nutritious meals and snacks. Not only will you learn how to balance your cholesterol levels naturally through food, but you will also gain confidence in the kitchen. Think of all that energy you spend worrying, you can now spend on enjoying life.
Here is some feedback from Chris who used the plan ”I thought trying to get my Cholesterol level down by diet alone was impossible but working with Lucy was easy and educational. We managed to reduce it from 6.6 to 5.3 over the course of 6 weeks through loads of her tasty and healthy meal and snack options. It was an enjoyable experience and one that will help me for the rest of my life.” Chris, Cork

Each Heart Healthy Meal Plan contains:
•7 structured days of full recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All recipes are in both imperial and metric measurements, along with a conversion table for oven temperatures.
•Seasonal and locally tailored recipes designed for a summer of eating.
• Hand picked knowledge with the 10 most effective, yet easy to follow, tips that will help you manage your heart health for the rest of your life.
•A full shopping list for the entire week with everything you will need.

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