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The Man in the Mask

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A short story in the A’lle Chronicles.

Violet Stanhope defies her despised uncle to go on the long, arduous journey to the Klondike, but she spends the entire trip looking over her shoulder. Though she suspects her uncle of sending a tracker after her, she will stop at nothing to fulfill her sister’s final request, even if it means risking her life.

Once she reaches the Yukon, however, her troubles truly begin and she finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious masked man and his strange, mechanical dogs.

But will he help her with her mission—or will he kill her?

A short story steeped in classic pulp style with a hint of steampunk influence, The Man in the Mask is set a few years before the events of Backli’s Ford.

Originally published under the pen name Emma Faraday in the anthology Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories, by Tyche Books.

About Marcelle Dubé:
In the A’lle Chronicles, Marcelle Dubé creates a fascinating alternate past that includes the alien A’lle living among humans. Backli’s Ford introduces the first A’lle investigator in Lower Canada. Dubé’s fiction titles also include the Mendenhall Mysteries series and standalone fantasy novels Jilimar, Kirwan’s Son and Obeah. Learn more about her and her published work at

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